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How to Get Your AC Ready for Summer

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If you’re like most homeowners then you probably don’t run your air conditioning system during the winter. That means that your AC system has been lying dormant for several months while you keep your home comfortable with your heating system. Before you just start running your air conditioning system all the time, there are a few things that you should consider doing to get it ready for summer. Call the experts at Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning if you need any kind of Hartford, CT air conditioning repair, installation or maintenance. Take a look at our quick guide to keeping your AC working well this summer.

Keep your air conditioning system working well by following these simple steps before you turn your AC on for the first time this summer.

  • Get regular maintenance – Before your just flip your air conditioner on it’s probably a good idea to have your equipment inspected by a professional technician. During these regular visits, your air conditioning contractor will look for any small issues and problems that could have developed through the winter as your AC sat dormant. They will also clean out any debris or dirt that has built up over time. This could have a huge impact on your air conditioning system’s efficiency this summer and may also help you avoid the need for air conditioning repair.
  • Change the air filter – Your air conditioning system has an air filter in it that is there to keep dust and dirt from getting into the moving parts. If it isn’t regularly changed then it can get clogged and restrict the flow of air through your system. This is probably one of the most common causes of air conditioning repairs that we see. Make sure that before you run your air conditioning system this summer that you check to make sure that your air filter is clear.
  • Ductwork – One of the most overlooked components of your home’s air conditioning system is the ductwork. If you have a traditional, central AC system in your home then it uses a series of ducts to move the cooled air throughout your home. If there are any leaks in your ductwork then they will allow much of the cooled air to leave your home. Not only is this incredibly wasteful but it can also cause your home to be less comfortable. Make sure that you get your ducts cleaned, sealed or repaired before you start running your AC this summer.

When you need any air conditioning repair, installation or maintenance just call the friendly experts at Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning.

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