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What to Expect With Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance in Hartford

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Here in Hartford, air conditioning maintenance sessions are a wise way of preparing for the heat and humidity of the summer. When the heat waves hit, you want your air conditioner to perform like a champion, and an air conditioning maintenance session is a reliable way of doing that. Not only can it catch big problems while they’re still small, but it will improve your system’s efficiency and lower your monthly cooling bills in the bargain. Here’s what to expect with spring air conditioning maintenance in Hartford.

  • The technician will shut off the system and check all of the interior components for damage. This includes leaks to the lines, motors in need of oil, frayed fan belts, damaged electrical lines, and anything else that looks out of the ordinary. If it can be quickly corrected, he or she will do so. If not, you can schedule a more formal repair session to repair or replace the damaged component.
  • The technician will clean all of the dust and dirt out of the system, as well as changing the air filter and performing similar bits of cleaning. This lowers friction and resistance in moving components, which in turn helps your air conditioner use less energy while doing its job.
  • The technician will gauge refrigerant levels and recharge them it they are low. Low refrigerant levels can be very damaging to your air conditioner: reducing its cooling power and putting additional strain on individual components. Keeping it recharged will help your air conditioner perform the way you need it do, while reducing the risk of a more serious breakdown later on down the line.
  • Finally, the technician will run your air conditioner for 15-20 minutes and look for any additional signs of distress.

All of this is intended not only to spot potential issues before they get out of hand, but to help your air conditioner perform as strongly as it can. If you know what to expect with spring air conditioning maintenance in Hartford, the next step is to call the experts at Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning. We can perform a top-notch maintenance session to get your system ready for the summer, and there’s no better time to do it than now! Call us today for more information or schedule your next AC maintenance service appointment.

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