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Geothermal Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

Are you interested in a heating and cooling system that can keep your comfortable all year long while consuming only minimal amount of energy? If so, give Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning a call. We offer exceptional geothermal system installation, repair and maintenance throughout the area. By harnessing the energy right below your feet, you can keep your home warm throughout the winter. In the cooling season, simply transfer the radiant heat in your home right back into the ground. It is an incredibly efficient way to enjoy year round comfort while reducing your energy bills, as well as your environmental impact. Call today to learn more about geothermal installation in the Bristol, CT area.

Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning offers quality geothermal system repair, installation and maintenance services throughout Bristol, CT and surrounding areas.

How Does a Geothermal Heating and Cooling System Work?

A geothermal heating and cooling system, like any heat pump, avoids the consumption of fuel that more traditional home comfort systems rely on in favor of the heat transfer process. An underground loop system is buried on your property or, in some cases, submerged underwater. This loop system contains an antifreeze solution. Heat is absorbed from beneath the ground or water, and a heat exchanger transfers that heat to the refrigerant in the heat pump. It can then be used to heat your home. In the summer months, the process is simply reversed. If you think a geothermal installation is right for your home in the Bristol, CT area, contact us today to work out the details.

We Offer Geothermal Installation Service

It should be fairly obvious that a geothermal installation in the Bristol, CT area can only be completed by a skilled, licensed professional. The geothermal drilling or excavation required necessitates the skills that only a qualified technician can possess. A lot of assessments regarding the property surrounding your home must be made, and the installation itself must satisfy local rules and regulations. We’ll make sure that it is all completed properly. We also offer exceptional geothermal replacement services if any component of your system must be replaced.

Geothermal Repair Near Me

One of the great benefits of geothermal systems is how durable they are. When professionally installed, the components of these systems will last quite a while. While they have few moving parts and are built to last, of course, you may need to schedule some sort of geothermal system repair eventually. When you do, contact Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning. We’ll have your system operating at peak performance levels again in no time. Plus, with routine geothermal maintenance, you can enjoy the most efficient and reliable performance that your system has to offer.

Call Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning Geothermal Contractors

Don’t wait any longer: call Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning today to discuss the installation of a geothermal system in the Bristol, CT area. Enjoy year round comfort and great energy savings as a result. We are happy to offer our exceptional services to help you get the most from your system.

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