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Duct Repair and Replacement

When you turn on your air conditioning system or your heating system, all of the air that comes into your home has to travel through the ductwork that is in your ceiling or under your floors. This is a huge part of your HVAC system that many homeowners take for granted.

If your ducts are leaking, collapsed or otherwise faulty, call the duct repair and replacement experts at Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning in the Bristol, CT area. We know that it can be frustrating and uncomfortable if your ducts aren’t working well, which is why we’re available 24/7 for emergency heating and air conditioning services. We are dedicated to your satisfaction we strive to achieve and consistently improve your experience. Call us today to talk with one of our specialists about any duct services that you need.

Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning provides quality duct repair and replacement services throughout Bristol, CT and surrounding areas. Call today.

How to Tell If You Need Duct Repair

Whether it’s from bad installation or just old age, your ducts can develop a number of common problems. But how can you tell when your ducts need duct repair services if they are installed out of sight in your attic or under your floors? Here are a few signs to watch for.

  • Not enough heating or cooling – If your ducts have collapsed or if they are leaking, your heating or air conditioning system won’t be able to keep your home at the right temperature.
  • Hot and cold spots – Are there areas of your home that can’t get heated or cooled enough? This could be from ducts that are pinched or if they’re developed leaks, preventing some rooms from getting any conditioned air.
  • Odors – If you notice odors coming from your ducts when you run your heater or AC, your ducts could be leaking and outside contaminants are getting into them.
  • Noises – Keep an ear out for any noises that your ducts might make when your HVAC system is running. If you hear rumbling, creaking, scratching, or other noises, your ducts may be in trouble.

Benefits of Duct Replacement

Eventually, it might come time for you to replace your ducts. If you’ve been having problems with your ducts, call the duct replacement professionals at Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning in the Bristol, CT area. We take pride in dealing honestly with our customers and we’ll always tell you up front whether or not your ducts need to be replaced. While this might seem like a drastic thing to do, it actually has several important benefits for your home.

  • Increased efficiency – Energy Star estimates that in a typical home up to 20% of the air moving through the ducts can be wasted through leaking ducts. By replacing your ducts, you could greatly improve the energy efficiency of your heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Increased comfort – One of the signs of troubled ducts is uneven heating or cooling around your home. If some of your rooms just can’t seem to get comfortable, replacing all or parts of your ducts might be the solution to the problem.

Call Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning for Duct Repair and Replacement Services

If you suspect that your ducts are in need of service, don’t hesitate to call the duct repair and duct replacement specialists at Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning. We will walk you through the whole process and make sure you understand exactly what is happening with your ducts. Call us today to talk with one of our friendly professionals in the Bristol area.