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Does Radiant Heating Require Difficult Repairs?

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Radiant heating works very differently from forced air heating systems. Instead, it consists of metal pipes beneath the floorboards of your home that radiate heat into your living space. The system pumps heated water through the tubes and warms the room by direct contact with the furniture and/or your feet.  But does radiant heating require difficult repairs?

A large part of the system itself is easy to access. Radiant systems have their own pumps and control arrays, which are connected to the boiler. When problems arrive with this section of the radiant heater, it’s rarely difficult to instigate repairs. A service technician can examine the system, pinpoint the problem and perform corrections directly, since most of the problems with radiant systems arise with this part of it, difficult repairs are infrequent at worst.

Bigger problems come when a leak springs up inside the tubing itself, or similar issues rise beneath the floorboards. In that case, repairs do become tougher, since the technician needs to open up the floorboards before conducting repairs. That can get fairly extensive and take up more time than other repairs. The good news is that such repairs are pretty rare. There are no moving parts beneath the floorboards and thus no friction or other causes of wear and tear. The pipes and panels should be quite sturdy, and provided you contract a reputable company to perform the installation, you needn’t worry about your pipes springing a leak.

That’s where we come in. In matters of heating installation and heating repair, Hartford CT has a reliable company in the form of Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning. Call us for service today!

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