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3 Air Conditioning Components You Should Know about

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3 air conditioning components you should know about

How much do you know about your forced-air AC system? All of these systems use the same components to transfer heat out of the air in your home in order to bring cool air through the vents. But if you don’t take proper care of your unit, it may fail prematurely or run into various issues throughout the course of its life. Schedule air conditioning maintenance each year before the cooling season in Hartford, and get to know some of the most important components of your unit so you can know to call for repairs as soon as you notice a problem.

  • Compressor – The compressor is the component responsible for allowing refrigerant to move through the entire system. The compressor adds pressure to the refrigerant by so that it can pump through the indoor and outdoor portions of the air conditioner. This is one of the most important (and costly) components of the entire unit so it’s important that you take care of it. Regular maintenance is key to the performance of your compressor, so be sure to schedule air conditioning maintenance once a year, as early on as possible.
  • Blower Fan – The blower fan sucks in air from your home and then moves it past the cooling coil and into the ducts that lead to your vents. Now, while you’re likely aware of the presence of this part, there are some things you should know about its operation. If you hear the blower fan running but you don’t feel any cool air, make sure the “fan on” switch on your thermostat is not turned on, as this wastes energy and does not effectively cool your home. You should also check that your filter is not clogged and change or clean it as necessary.
  • Ducts – The ductwork is a path the air handler to the vents in your home. These can develop holes and cracks that make your air conditioner suffer in performance and use up far too much energy, not to mention the hot and cold spots around the house. If you want to keep your air conditioner in top shape, it’s a good idea to have the ducts checked by a professional and schedule repairs as soon as you notice a problem.

Call the cooling experts at Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning for quality air conditioning services in Hartford today, including repair, maintenance, or duct services.

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March 25, 2015 | Categories: Air Conditioning Service

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