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Keeping Your Garbage Disposal in Great Working Condition

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There are few appliances that are both so basic and so incredibly beneficial as the garbage disposal. If you use a garbage disposal in Hartford, CT, then you already know how much more of a convenient place your kitchen is for doing so. However, you must also remember that a garbage disposal, simple as such systems may be when compared to other appliances in the home, is still a mechanical system. This means that your garbage disposal can, and likely will, encounter operational problems at some point. There are certain measures that you can take to keep your system in the best working condition possible, though.

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Always Run the Water

You should never run your garbage disposal dry. Your garbage disposal is not a collection of whirring blades akin to a blender, as some homeowners seem to think. Instead, the system uses centrifugal force to pull food waste into a grinding mechanism. Plates grind together, and the food scraps ground up with water exit the system as a paste, of sorts, which is easy for your drainage system to dispose of. The use of water is a necessary part of this process, and you should always run the water for a bit after using the disposal, as well.

Avoid Putting Hard/Fibrous Items Down the Drain

This may sound obvious to some, but too many homeowners believe that their garbage disposal can handle anything they toss down the drain. Very hard items, including animal bones, should go right into the trash, not into your garbage disposal. Additionally, though—and this is something that many homeowners don't realize—you also shouldn't put very fibrous foods down your drains, either. Materials such as corn husks or celery stalks can wrap up in the mechanism, and put unnecessary strain on the motor, eventually leading to damages.

The Same Is True of Fats and Grease

You also should avoid putting liquid fats, oil and greases down your drain. While they may be liquids when hot, these materials can congeal within your pipes. Once they do, they can easily lead to serious clogs. If you have any further questions, or if you'd like to schedule professional garbage disposal services, just give us a call.

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