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3 Common Misunderstandings about Boilers

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3 common misunderstandings about broilers

Boilers remain a staple of many homes in the Northeast, able to provide inexpensive and reliable heating during even the harshest conditions. It helps, however, if owners have some clear facts about the nature of the technology. Here are 3 common misunderstandings about boilers that it pays to watch out for.

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  • Boilers need a full load to work their best. This is a logical assumption that many people tend to follow. However, once the load gets past mid-range, it can affect its combustion efficiency and thus influence its performance. Specific models vary slightly, so you should check your owner’s manual to be sure of the right settings, but generally, you want to stay away from a full load on your boiler.
  • If you have more than one burner, you should add one burner at a time when turning it on. Lighting individual burners leads to excess air in the system, which interferes with its ability to function and can result in unnecessary carbon monoxide build-up. Turning on all the burners at once will keep the excess air to a minimum and ensure that the boiler can do its job effectively.
  • Leaving the heat on at a low temperature is cheaper than turning the boiler on and off as needed. This stems from the use of gas furnaces, which need to run at extended clips in order to make the best use of their energy. Running the boiler at a lower temperature all the time saves no energy and ensures that your household is never as comfortable as you need it to be. Instead, use timer controls on your thermostat and other tactics to turn the heat on and off only during those times when you need it.

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