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Why You May Want to Consider a Tankless Water Heater

Monday, June 29th, 2015

Traditionally, most homeowners use a storage tank in which to store the water heated by their water heaters. With so much new technology available in this day and age, of course, it is not surprising to learn that many homeowners have moved away from doing so. There is certainly nothing wrong with using a tank water heater, and many homeowners do and will continue to do so. However, a tankless water heater is an option worth your consideration, as these systems do have some benefits to offer that more traditional water heaters do not. If you’d like to schedule tankless water heater services in Hartford, CT, just give us a call. Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning will do the job right.

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We Are Condo HVAC Experts

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

At Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide truly exceptional HVAC services to residential property owners throughout the Hartford, CT area. While we certainly work with many homeowners in this area, we don’t want condo owners to think that we cannot meet their needs as well. There are a number of condominiums throughout our service area, and we are more than happy to provide condo owners with the exceptional HVAC services that they need to live comfortably in their condos throughout the entire year. If you need any condo heating or air conditioning services in or around Hartford, then remember that ours is the number to dial.

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Why Your Pool Heater Must Be Professionally Installed

Monday, June 15th, 2015

Having a swimming pool is a great luxury to enjoy throughout the warmer time of the year. As those of us who have lived through many winters in New England can attest to, of course, the warmer time of the year does not often seem to last long enough. Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help you to enjoy your pool for more of the year. With a quality pool heater in Hartford, CT, you can use your pool further into year, and further into the evening, without shivering your way through the experience. Just remember that you must schedule your pool heater installation with a qualified professional. That is why you should dial our number to do so.

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3 Easy Ways to Cool Your Home More Efficiently This Summer

Monday, June 8th, 2015

The Hartford, CT area may not be the hottest place in the country, even at the peak of summer; this does not mean, though, that you are not going to have to run your air conditioner quite a bit during the hottest time of the year. As many of us know all too well, doing so does not come for free. The professional AC technicians at Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning, though, shudder at the thought of our valued customers living in discomfort simply to save money on their cooling costs. If you are concerned about how much it costs to cool your home effectively, consider the following tips for more efficient air conditioning. Contact us today with any further questions, or to schedule air conditioning services of the highest quality. 

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3 Ways to Tell if You Need Duct Repair

Monday, June 1st, 2015

The idea of damaged ductwork can be particularly agitating to homeowners, as there is really no way in which one can hope to thoroughly inspect his or her air ducts visually. After all, much of the ductwork system in any given home is largely hidden from view, installed behind walls, below floors, and in other hard-to-access areas. If you hope to avoid the issues that using damaged air ducts can lead to, there is some good news, though; there are a number of different warning signs which can tip you off to the need for professional duct repair services in Hartford, CT. Contact a member of the Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning team today if you notice any of these indicators in your home.

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