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3 Easy Ways to Cool Your Home More Efficiently This Summer

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3 Easy Ways to Cool Your Home More Efficiently This Summer

The Hartford, CT area may not be the hottest place in the country, even at the peak of summer; this does not mean, though, that you are not going to have to run your air conditioner quite a bit during the hottest time of the year. As many of us know all too well, doing so does not come for free. The professional AC technicians at Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning, though, shudder at the thought of our valued customers living in discomfort simply to save money on their cooling costs. If you are concerned about how much it costs to cool your home effectively, consider the following tips for more efficient air conditioning. Contact us today with any further questions, or to schedule air conditioning services of the highest quality.

  • If you have ceiling fans, use them! If not, you may want to consider investing in a few. Even when the heat of summer is at its most intense, the ceiling fan is a valuable tool for both supplementing your AC, and for giving it a well-earned rest when the temperature cools off at night. No, your ceiling fan will not actively cool the air in your home in the same manner of an air conditioner. It can help to better distribute cooled air throughout your home, though, and to circulate cooler air during the more comfortable times of the day. This can help to take a lot of stress off of your AC, saving you money without sacrificing your comfort.
  • Invest in a more capable thermostat if you have a very basic model. While manual thermostats are pretty easy to use, and quite cheap to purchase, programmable thermostats are really just as affordable. They are also far easier to operate in a very precise manner, allowing for more accurate temperature readings and settings. This means that you can regulate your temperatures more successfully, and won't wind up paying to cool your home more than you intended. Plus, a programmable thermostat, once programmed to your liking, can automatically adjust temperatures on a set schedule.
  • Finally, remember to schedule routine air conditioning maintenance with skilled trained professionals. There is no better way in which to ensure that your air conditioner is in prime working condition. The easier it is for your AC to do its job the less energy it is going to use up in doing so.
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