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Why Use a Geothermal Cooling System?

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Some concepts are easy to understand, such as using the energy of the sun in order to warm a home. Others are a bit less obvious, such as using a ground source heat pump in order to cool a home. How does one utilize the earth itself to facilitate the cooling process? The answer lies in geothermal technology, and this just happens to be one of our areas of expertise.

A geothermal cooling system in Hartford, CT is a great means by which to keep one's home cool and comfortable throughout the cooling season. The installation process of a geothermal system is rather complex, though, and this type of system is not appropriate or ideal for all properties. Working with a trained professional is the best way in which to ascertain if a geothermal installation is the right option for your home.

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How Does Geothermal Cooling Work?

A geothermal cooling system uses a heat pump, which is where the heat transfer process really takes place. The indoor coil of the system functions as the evaporator, with the outdoor coil acting as a condenser. Heat is removed from the air in your home, and that heat is then transferred to the ground coil. From there, it is simply dispersed into the ground. The cooled air is redistributed throughout your household via a system of air ducts.

Benefits of Geothermal Cooling Systems

During the summer months, as detailed above, a geothermal system is a dependable way in which to cool one's home. However, so is a traditional central air conditioning system. Geothermal systems bring other benefits to the table, though, which really serve to set such systems apart. One of the most important is that, like an air-source heat pump, a geothermal cooling system is able to reverse its operation in order to cool a home. In its heating mode, the geothermal system uses heat from the ground, gathered by the ground loop, in order to heat a home after transferring that heat from the solution in the ground loop to the refrigerant in the heat pump. This makes for an incredibly efficient heating process, and the steady temperature beneath the earth means that a geothermal system is capable of dependable heating.

To learn more about geothermal cooling systems, and the many benefits they offer, contact Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning. Our technicians are some of the finest in the business. Should you decide to move ahead with the geothermal installation process, you can count on our staff to get the job done right.

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