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Is a Hybrid Heating System Worth My Consideration?

One thing homeowners looking for a new heating system will discover is that they are certainly not at a loss for options. There are a lot of different ways in which one may choose to heat his or her home in this day and age. Some homeowners may stick to a classic, such as the boiler, as they feel this is a tried and true home heating method. Others may opt for newer technologies, such as heat pumps, which can save energy and provide year round comfort. If you’ve thought about using a heat pump, and have some reservations due to the potential for a subpar heating performance in extremely cold weather, you should give  a hybrid heating system in Cheshire, CT some thought. Contact Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning with any questions that you may have. 

What Is a Hybrid Heating System?

A hybrid heating system is designed to put the mind of the homeowner interested in heat pump technology at ease. In areas such as the Pacific Northwest, where heating is necessary but sub-zero temperatures are not really a concern, the heat pump is an ideal heating system. Here in Connecticut, though, the winter weather can be a bit more uncompromising. Because of this, a heat pump, which uses ambient heat in the air outside in order to facilitate the heating of one’s home, can encounter some operational difficulties during stretches of extreme cold. Modern heat pumps are better than ever at handling such situations, but many homeowners still want a system to fall back on. This is what a hybrid heating system offers.

In a hybrid heating system, the heat pump is the primary source of heating for the home. Should the cold prove to be too much for one’s heat pump to handle, though, the system can switch over to its gas furnace, which will pick up the slack until the heat pump is able to take over once more. By combining a heat pump with a traditional gas furnace, you get the best of both worlds: heating your home efficiently, without any worries about very cold temperatures overwhelming your system. Contact us to learn more.

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