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Is Geothermal a Good Heating Option?

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With all of the different home heating systems available to homeowners today, determining which best suits your needs and your personal heating preferences can be pretty tricky. Before deciding upon your new heating system, it is very important that you weigh all of your available options. A geothermal heating system is one which certainly merits your serious consideration. Geothermal heating systems have many benefits, and have grown in popularity in recent years. Read the following information, which will give you an idea of some of the ways in which using a geothermal heating system in West Hartford, CT can benefit you. If you are interested in scheduling geothermal services, remember to do so with the professionals here at Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning.

Great Efficiency

One of the major selling points of the geothermal system is the fact that it is able to heat homes with such great efficiency levels. You see, a geothermal heater does not really generate heat. Instead, the geothermal loop circulates an antifreeze solution beneath the ground, absorbing thermal energy from below the earth's surface. This heat is then transferred to refrigerant in a heat pump, where it is further compressed and used to heat air within the home. This heat transfer process does not require the combustion of fossil fuels, nor is much electricity used in the process.

Great Reliability

When temperatures get extremely cold, as they do in this part of the country, it is possible for air-source heat pumps to struggle in effectively heating one's home. Because the temperature of the earth is so much more constant than that of the air, though, a geothermal system eliminates this concern. You can heat your home very reliably, without paying a small fortune to do so.

Year Round Comfort

Like air source heat pumps, a geothermal system is capable of reversing its operation. This means that it will remove heat from the air in your home during the summer, and will dump that heat into the ground on your property. For year-round comfort that you can afford, a geothermal heating and cooling system is well worth considering.

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