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Don't Let Dry Air Set Back Your Health and Comfort

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Don't Let Dry Air Set Back Your Health and Comfort

[family-with-dog]It's been a cold winter so far, and things aren't likely to warm up in a substantial way for a while yet. You may think that your heater operating reliably means that you'll at least ride out the season in comfort, but think again. Sure, a great heater that you can count on for consistent output is important. However, you also need to keep the need for great indoor air quality in mind. Good indoor air quality means more than air that is clean and free of pollutants.

It also means air that is sufficiently humidified, and that can be a tougher goal to hit than you may think in the winter. Winter air is always drier than the air that surrounds you in the hot summer season. Add to this initial dryness the fact that you've probably got your home sealed up tight to protect energy efficiency, and you start to see where problems can develop. What types of problems are we talking about?

What Kinds of Problems Does Low Humidity Cause?

More than you may think, and those that are more serious than you may think. While low humidity levels may not sound like much of a threat, their sinister nature is revealed when you consider the following.

  • Low humidity decreases comfort. Humid air retains heat better than very dry air. In fact, this is why too much humidity in the summer can make you so uncomfortable. In the winter, you need the right amount of humidity in the air to help stay warm and cozy in your home.
  • Low humidity increases energy bills. Because the air in your home won't retain heat as well, your heater is going to be working harder than it otherwise would to maintain comfortable target temperatures in your home. Even if it's not working that much harder, this will be reflected in your heating costs.
  • Low humidity makes you more susceptible to illness. Your mucous membranes in your throat and nasal passages will dry out if the air is too dry (yes, we know, it's kind of gross). That can lead to little tears that can allow germs to enter your body. That makes the risk of illness more likely.
  • Low humidity can lead to painful splitting and cracking of skin. When the air that surrounds your body at home is too dry, your skin will then dry out. This can be itchy and annoying, but it also means that your skin can wind up splitting in a painful manner.
  • Low humidity puts your property at risk, too. Wooden floorboards and furniture can dry out to the point that they split and crack. An increase in static shocks can also damage your more sensitive electronic equipment. When that happens, you'll be wishing you had resolved the problem sooner!

Use a Whole-House Humidifier!

A whole-house humidifier in Avon, CT is your best bet for improving conditions in a very dry home effectively, efficiently, and conveniently. You won't have to worry about carting portable units around the house or refilling them with water constantly.

Schedule your whole-house humidifier services with us. Live more comfortably, choose Dynamic Mechanical.

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February 04, 2019 | Categories: Indoor Air Quality Service

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