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Signs of Boiler Issues

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Signs of Boiler Issues

[dog-blanket]If there were a way to make your home heating system 100% reliable, we'd be the first ones to tell you about it. Sure, it wouldn't be good for our business, but it'd be great for customers! As things stand currently, however, we don't have to worry about losing all of our heating repair calls. We install heaters the right way, and our Residential Loyalty Program is designed to guarantee that your heater functions as reliably as possible. That being said, even the best heaters are still going to run into trouble from time to time.

Boilers are among the most reliable of all heaters, which is a major reason why they're still so popular despite being a relatively older technology. They have fewer moving parts than the forced air heating options out there, which means that there are fewer items to break down, but repairs will still be necessary eventually. When you need boiler repairs in West Hartford, you need to give a member of our team a call right away.

Is Your Boiler Making Alarming Sounds?

If so,  then it is definitely time to call for professional boiler repairs. Is the problem necessarily a very serious one? No, that's not a guarantee. Is it always, 100% of the time, better to be safe than sorry in such instances?

You bet.

So what type of sounds are we talking about here? Anything from rumbling noises that could suggest scale build up in the tank to booming and banging, hissing and whistling, or even familiar sounds that are just much louder than usual! When in doubt, a general rule is to have a trained professional check in on your system.

Is Your Boiler Leaving Your Home Chilly?

If your boiler has not previously struggled to heat your entire home effectively and consistently throughout, but this is now the case, then you are definitely going to want to have a trained professional check things out.  You don't want to simply crank up the thermostat, because setting unrealistic and unnecessary temperature goals will only make it more likely that your system will suffer further damages.

It could be anything from issues with fuel combustion to something as serious as a leak in your hydronic heating distribution system. Not only can such situations cause damage to your property, but they can also put your safety at risk. Contact us if your boiler is giving you the cold shoulder.

Is Your Boiler Leaking?

If you notice a bit of rust in the vicinity of your boiler's pressure release valve, that's not necessarily anything to worry about. This valve may let a bit of moisture out as it vents. It shouldn't really be pouring or even dripping out, though, so let us know if there is a substantial amount of water coming out.

Even if you don't see a leak, you should also let us know if you notice that there is rust developing anywhere on your boiler. This suggests that there is a leak that can likely be fixed, but which will cause major problems if left to its own devices!

Schedule your boiler repairs with us. Live more comfortably, choose Dynamic Mechanical.

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January 21, 2019 | Categories: Heating Service

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