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Get That Heating Tune-Up Out of the Way

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We know, we know. We are all still reeling from the heat of the summer season that we are just not moving out of. And we want you to start thinking about the biting chill of the winter season already? "Give us a break," you say!

Look, we'd love to give you a break. And we want you to enjoy the beautiful fall season. That being said, we also really want to ensure that our customers are prepared for the coldest temperatures that the winter months can throw their way.

And that is simply not going to be possible if they, and you, don't have their heating systems tuned up before winter arrives.

All heating services in Bristol are important. However, maintenance is the one that homeowners can skip over, much more easily than they could repairs. Just because your system is operational does not mean that it is operating properly, though. Here are a few tips about why heating maintenance is so important, and a few regarding what you can do for your system yourself!

Improve Energy Efficiency

You don't want to waste money, even when it comes to something as important as heating your home. We get that. We respect that. That is why, respectfully, we'll say this:

Failure to schedule heating maintenance will result in reduced efficiency, and it will be your fault. Consider yourself warned.

When we tune up your heating system, you can count on it functioning in as efficient a manner as possible. If you don't, well, your heating costs will rise. Of course, that will also be the least of your problems.

Protect Yourself

Heaters of all kinds can be dangerous if they are not functioning properly. That is why you have to have your system tuned up. If your heater is not working correctly in all regards, it is possible to find yourself in a dangerous situation.

Not only will scheduling routine maintenance help you to prevent future problems from developing with your heater, but it gives us the chance to discover any existing problems early on. That way, we can go about resolving them before damage is done or, worse, your safety is compromised.

Protect Your System, While You're At It!

Look, routine heating maintenance is a job for trained, experienced professionals. There is just no getting around that. We don't care how many online tutorials you've watched. You cannot tune your heater up on your own. Does that mean that there is nothing you can do to keep your system in prime working condition? Of course not!

  • Change your air filter regularly. If you use a furnace or a heat pump, then keeping a fresh filter in place will help the heater to do its job as easily as possible. This minimizes the wear and tear put on the system.
  • Keep the outdoor unit clean and remove snow from the surrounding area. If you are using a heat pump, then you need that outdoor unit to be free of obstruction in order to facilitate the heat transfer process.
  • Don't block off ducts. Whether you accidentally put furniture in front of them, or you intentionally do so in order to better "control" heat distribution, it is not good for the system.

Live more comfortably, choose Dynamic Mechanical. Schedule your heating services with us.

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