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Is It Time for a New Water Heater?

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Water heaters are built to last, but they don’t last forever. No matter how well you take care of your water heater, sooner or later you’re going to need to replace it. It’s important that you be able to realize when your water heater is getting close to the end of its life, so that you can have it replaced as quickly as possible. You don’t want to suddenly find yourself without hot water in the middle of a shower or something. There are a number of different signs that your water heater is on its last legs. Read on to find out more about some of the most common ones, so that you know when to call for replacement services.

Problems Providing Hot Water

A water heater that can’t provide hot water isn’t good for much. You’ve likely exhausted your water heater’s supply of hot water before, and had to wait for it to heat more. There’s a difference between temporary exhaustion of the hot water supply and chronic difficulty providing enough, though. If your water heater doesn’t seem to be able to provide enough hot water to meet even moderate needs, then it might be getting too old to keep up with the demand.

Needing Constant Repairs

It’s not that big of a deal if your water heater breaks down every once in a while. Things happen, after all, especially as the system ages. If your system is breaking down on a regular basis, though, you should really talk to a professional about replacing it as soon as you can. Breaking down multiple times a year is often a sign that the system is slowly collapsing under years of wear and tear. This issue will only get worse the longer you insist on using the air conditioner, culminating in a permanent breakdown that will not be able to be repaired.


The average water heater can have around 10-15 years of good operation before it begins to accumulate chronic problems that impact its efficiency. The longer you insist on using your water heater past the age of 15, the more it’s going to cost to use it. The cost of operating such an old system can very quickly eclipse what the water heater is worth. At that point, it’s much better to install an entirely new system than to continue using the old one.

Please keep in mind that these symptoms are only guidelines for determining whether or not your system is in need of replacement. If you want to know for certain whether or not it’s a good idea to replace your current water heater, you should call a professional technician and have them examine it for you.

Dynamic Mechanical provides a full range of water heater installation and replacement services. If you are looking for the best plumber in West Hartford, CT, contact us today and schedule an appointment with one of our professional technicians. We’ll make sure that you get the most out of your new water heater in the coming years.

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