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Why Your Heater Must Be of the Right Size for Your Home

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Investing in a new heating system is, for most homeowners, a considerable expense. It stands to reason that you should take every step possible in order to ensure that your investment is a wise one. While comparing efficiency ratings and considering the reputation of various manufacturers is certainly important, you must also keep in mind more basic facets of your heating system, such as its size. Some homeowners, for instance, may be tempted to buy the biggest, most powerful heating system that they can find. In truth, though, an oversized heater in Cheshire, CT is no better than an undersized one. Consider the following information, and be sure to schedule your heating installation with Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning in order to guarantee that the job is done right.

Sizing Your System

First of all, we must point out that the sizing of a heating system entails much more than figuring out the square footage of your home. This is only one part of the equation. When you let us complete a heat load calculation, we'll take into account other factors, such as the layout of your house, its orientation to the sun, number/amount of windows, and much more. That way, your new heater will be able to heat your home effectively, without you paying for a capacity that you don't need.

Problems Cause by Incorrect Sizing

There are quite a few issues that you may encounter due to the improper sizing of your heater. You may find, for instance, that your undersized heater struggles to heat your home effectively or evenly. As it tries to do so, it will likely consume far more energy than it should have to, leaving you to pay exorbitant heating costs even as your comfort flounders. These problems may be obvious, but the fact that an oversized system is just as problematic often eludes homeowners.

If your system is too large, you are going to be paying for power that you simply don't need. Not only that, but your heater will cycle on and off more than it should have to as it heats your home too quickly. This increases wear and tear on the system, and will burn through energy as well. Let us ensure that your new heater is a great fit not only for your home, but for your heating preferences as well.

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