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Why Is My Heater Working So Inefficiently?

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When you run your heating system, as you are going to be doing a lot throughout the coldest time of the year in this part of the country, you should be able to do so without worrying about shockingly high energy costs. Unfortunately, too many homeowners simply accept inefficient heating as part of the package. In truth, though, there are often many ways in which you can overcome such issues of inefficiency, without replacing your entire heating system in the process. If you'd like to enjoy more efficient heating in Hartford, CT, keep the following tips in mind.

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Dirty Filters

If you use a forced air distribution based heating system, such as a furnace, then it is absolutely necessary that you change your air filter regularly. The frequency with which you'll have to do so may vary, but you should be checking in on it once a month. When your air filter is too dirty, it can increase the airflow resistance that your system encounters. When that happens, your system will have to work harder than should be necessary in order to distribute heated air throughout your home. This will drive up your energy costs.

Ductwork Issues

Again, if you heat your home with a furnace or with a heat pump, it is necessary that your ductwork is in fine working condition. If not, it may leak, allowing air to escape the system before it makes its way to its intended destination. When this happens, your system will have to work overtime in order to evenly heat your home, leaving you to pay higher energy bills than you should encounter.

Poor Maintenance

In the quest for great energy efficiency, as well as reliable heating in general, nothing is more important than routine heating maintenance. When our professionals inspect and tune up your home heating system for you, the job will be done right, with meticulous care given to every detail. Contact us today to schedule the maintenance that your system needs to succeed.

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