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What Are Some Warning Signs to Look Out for with My Heater?

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Heating in Avon CT is more than a luxury, especially in the winter months. Cold weather is a constant, and without a reliable heating system your comfy home is apt to turn into an icebox in the space of a few short hours. A reliable heating service can make repairs quickly, but the sooner you can spot signs of trouble, the better off you (and your checkbook) will be. “What are some warning signs to look out for with my heater?” you ask. We’ve outlined four of the most obvious below.

  • Heating system not turning on. Obviously, a heating system that won't turn on is a huge problem. Components such as the fan motor often come with automatic shut-off switches that turn off the heater in the event of an overload; this reduces the risk of damaging other parts. You might have your heating system not turn on if the electrical system is experiencing problems or if the pilot light or thermocouple are faulty.
  • Low air flow. Low air flow can result from a damaged fan or fan motor, or else a blockage in the system somewhere. It might also stem from a leak in the ducts: pulling air out of the system.
  • Lack of hot air. A lack of hot air – either insufficiently warm or not warm at all – likely stems from a problem with the combustion chamber, or perhaps the burners themselves (which might not ignite if they are dirty or damaged). There may also be a blockage in the gas lines, limiting the heat that a burner can produce.
  • Higher energy bills. A subtle but very telling sign of trouble is a monthly heating bill that’s higher than expected, despite not using the heater any more than you normally do. That could suggest a faulty or malfunctioning component, adding strain to the system even if it continues to provide heat.

If you notice a problem with your heating system, the next step is to contact the Avon, CT heating professionals at Dynamic Mechanical today. We offer 24-hour emergency service, so don’t hesitate!

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