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Keeping Your Fireplace Safe

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Keeping Your Fireplace Safe

You probably associate the fireplace in your Hartford, CT home with feelings of family and glowing warmth. A fireplace can be all that—as long as you take the necessary steps to keep it safe. Fireplaces are no more dangerous than any other heating systems, but they require the same amount of care as those systems do to make certain they operate safely.

The most important way to keep your fireplace safe is to keep it clean. There’s a myth about fireplace cleanliness that travels around too widely: “You only need to get your fireplace cleaned about every four or five years.” This isn’t true; you should schedule fireplace cleaning and maintenance once a year, usually before winter arrives and you start using it more. Don’t take our word for it: this is the recommendation of the National Fire Protection Association Standard.

Here are some fireplace dangers and how to avoid them. Call on the fireplace experts at Dynamic Mechanical for help keeping your hearth as safe as possible.

Creosote fire hazards

Creosote is unburned wood energy that shows up as a shiny black residue on the bricks of your hearth and chimney. Creosote is highly combustible, so even a small fire can cause it to suddenly burst into flames and spread fire to places outside of your fireplace, such as the upper floors or the roof. It requires professional cleaning to scrub away creosote and make your fireplace safe again.

Smoke dangers

You already know that you need to keep the flue in your fireplace open when you have a fire going. Keep in mind that other blockages can occur in your chimney that will send smoke billowing into your living spaces, such as an animal nest or a build-up of soot and debris. Cleaning will get rid of the soot, while a cap over the top of the chimney will keep out animals and outside blockages. A chimney cap will also help prevent water damage.

There are other basic precautions you can take to keep you and your family safe: don’t leave fires burning unattended; make sure to keep only non-flammable rugs and other decorations near the hearth; and don’t let a fire burn longer than five hours at a time.

Whether you have a wood pellet stove, gas-logs, or a traditional wood fireplace, you need to make sure it receives annual maintenance and cleaning. Aside from keeping your fireplace safe, this will also help it burn fuel efficiently. If you notice anything wrong with your fireplace, such as excessive creosote layers, don’t wait for the annual inspection: call for repairs right away before you use the fireplace again. Dynamic Mechanical is here to give you the care you need for your Hartford, CT fireplace.

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November 12, 2013 | Categories: Heating Service

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