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Home Winterization Tips

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There is no denying the fact that winter is rapidly coming our way. With temperatures as cold as they are, and only getting colder, it is time to start getting ready for the worst of the winter season. To do so, there are a few steps that you should take.

First and foremost, you should schedule professional heating maintenance in New Britain, CT. Once that is done, though, there are still a few steps that you should take around the house and your property. Here are a few helpful winterization tips from the professionals on our team.

  • Remove hoses from outdoor faucets. We live in an area where sub-freezing temperatures are not at all uncommon, obviously. When you leave hoses attached to outdoor faucets, there is a good chance that water in those hoses and in the connection will freeze. At best, you may need to replace your hose in the spring. At worst, you'll wind up with a burst pipe and potentially serious water damage to your home. Drain your outdoor faucets completely. If they have separate shut-off valves, go ahead and close those as well.
  • Keep exhaust vents clear. This is very important for a few reasons. First of all, there is your safety to consider. If snow builds up around exhaust vents, your heating system or combustion-based appliances are not going to vent properly. That can lead to dangerous gases backing up into your home. Of course, there is also the efficiency of appliances like clothes dryers to consider. If the dryer is struggling to vent heat and moisture, it will work at reduced efficiency levels.
  • Monitor batteries in thermostats. In most cases, HVAC systems will shut down completely when the thermostat batteries die. Your thermostat should have a low batter indicator on it that you can keep your eye on. Even so, it's a good idea to just change the batteries each year before the heating season begins. Best to play it safe in this situation.

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