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Heater Tip: Proper Sizing Is Vital

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When you are ready to buy a new heating system, there is a lot to consider. What type of fuel is that heater going to use in order to heat your home, for instance? What type of heat delivery system are you interested in. Beyond these considerations, however, is an even more basic question. How big should your heater be?

The common belief that bigger is better when it comes to mechanical systems does not hold up in terms of heating. If your heater is too big for your home, then it will fail to function at peak performance levels. The same is true of an undersized system. That is why you really should schedule your heating installation in Farmington, CT with qualified professionals, such as those on our team.

Improper Sizing Causes Serious Problems

Your heater must be of the right size, so a heat load calculation really must be completed to determine what the ideal size of heater for your home is. It is not enough to just look at the square footage of your home. Taking this step will help you to avoid some serious heating problems.

  • Inefficiency is one of the biggest issues that an improperly sized heater can lead to. If you don't want to be paying more than you should to heat your home, particularly in return for a subpar performance, then you need a properly sized heater. If it's too big, it will short cycle and waste energy. Too small, and your heater will have to work overtime and rack up the bills.
  • Performance quality is sure to suffer if your heater isn't sized right. An undersized heater can lead to cold spots and a house that is never truly comfortable. An oversized heater will get the job done, but can also run in short bursts and struggle to maintain consistent comfort.
  • Lifespan can also be negatively affected by improper sizing. The wear and tear that running constantly or short cycling can put on a heater will definitely take its toll eventually. Don't let improper sizing cut your system's life short.

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