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What Actually Happens During and Air Conditioning Tune-Up?

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We've told you previously about how beneficial it is to allow a trained professional to inspect and tune up your air conditioning system on a regular basis. You may still have some questions regarding this vital service, though, including precisely what happens during an AC tune-up. We'd like to take this opportunity to clarify the process for you a bit. As you'll learn below, there are a number of different tasks completed over the course of an air conditioning tune-up, and they are not the sort of tasks that you can handle on your own. Always hire a trained professional to complete your air conditioning maintenance services.

  • Thermostat settings should be checked during a system tune-up, and the device itself evaluated to ensure that it is functioning properly so that you can regulate the performance of your air conditioner successfully.
  • All of the system's electrical components should also be checked, and motor voltage and current measured. You don't want faulty electrical components causing your system to operate unsafely.
  • Each and every moving part in the system should be well-lubricated during maintenance. Insufficient lubrication increases friction, drags down efficiency levels, and puts your system at risk of damage.
  • Your AC removes humidity from the air in your home as condensation, which is drained away via a condensate drain line. This must be inspected and cleaned, if necessary.
  • System controls must be checked as well, which ensures both safe operation and that your system starts, runs, and shuts down properly.
  • Your evaporator and condenser coils must be cleaned as well. Dirty coils can decimate efficiency, causing your system to run longer than it should have to even as your comfort declines.
  • Blower components will also have to be cleaned and adjusted, so as to avoid airflow problems.

If you are ready to take advantage of all that AC maintenance in West Hartford, CT has to offer, give Dynamic Mechanical a call to schedule service.

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