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Have You Thought About a High Velocity System?

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Are you looking to have your air conditioning system replaced? Do you have an older property that was never outfitted with a central air conditioning system, and have always lamented that state of affairs? Well, in either case, we strongly recommend that you do a bit of research and give the use of a high velocity air conditioning system in West Hartford, CT or the surrounding areas some serious consideration. A lot of homeowners fail to realize that such systems are precisely what they are looking for, simply due to the fact that they are not aware of them.

What Are High Velocity Systems, and What Benefits Do They Offer?

A high velocity system is a compact HVAC system that distributes conditioned air throughout a property via a system of very small, very flexible ductwork. Traditional sheet metal ductwork is all well and good for many properties, but for retrofitting an older house that wasn't designed with ductwork in mind, it is far from optimal. If you want to update your heating and cooling system to utilize forced air distribution, or if you want a system designed that won't compromise the integrity of a more historic property, a high velocity system could be just what you need.

In addition to versatile installation options, high velocity systems have some other benefits to offer. If the term "high velocity" leads you to believe that such systems operate noisily, think again! They are actually extremely quiet in operation. They can also offer better humidity control than many traditional HVAC systems, and the velocity at which the air is distributed helps to mix conditioned air with the air in the living space very effectively. This can provide you with advantage in maintaining comfortable and even temperatures throughout your home.

If you have any questions about these systems, give Dynamic Mechanical a call today.

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