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Preserve the History But Modernize the Comfort

Bristol, CT is a very old town, as are most towns in New England. That gives our buildings a distinctive charm and style that goes back centuries, and many old homes and business want to keep these homes looking exactly as they once did. But do you have to give up modern amenities like air conditioning and heating to do so?

At Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning, we have an answer for that. Through the use of high velocity systems, radiant flooring for heating and cooling and other tricks of the trade, we can give your space all the conveniences of modern living without disrupting the historical charms that’s part of the unique culture here in New England. Call our team today to set up a consultation!

It’s all About Surfaces

Here in Bristol, CT, we have a lot of homes and businesses with very normal needs. HVAC and indoor air quality experts need to be very good at hiding the components of their systems, such as ducts and air purifiers. That makes us very good candidates to help add modern conveniences to older buildings without disrupting the careful façade on the surface.

High Velocity Systems Make Excellent Additions

Older buildings in Bristol and other nearby towns were not built when centralized air conditioning existed. That means they’re often lacking in the crawlspace room and other features required to install ductwork in the traditional manner. High velocity systems, on the other hand, usually adopt small ducts that can fit almost anywhere, then move the air through them at higher speeds to make up the difference.

Radiant Flooring Makes Heating a Room Easier

Radiant flooring systems are an ideal way to keep an older home or business warm and comfortable without the fuss of installing a bulking HVAC system. The floorboards are carefully removed and a series of tubes installed beneath them, which circulate warm liquid that sends heat up directly through the floor. (The floorboards are replaced once the operation is complete.) That provides easy heating without the need for bulky ducts and the like.

We Can Modify Your Space

Installing systems such as these requires a special touch. Every building in the area is unique, and when it comes to historic preservation, you need to account for the specialized qualities of the space itself to properly establish the right appearance. That’s why we’ll work with you to provide a one–of–a–kind solution to your heating, cooling and IAQ problem: maintaining the special qualities of the building without skimping on 21st century life.

Repairs and Replacement Are Available Too

Once such a system is in place, the job isn’t done. High velocity systems, radiant floor heating and other systems require regular maintenance in order to keep functioning, and when breakdowns take place, you need someone to perform repairs with care. These operations need to be conducted with as much care and concern for the nature of the space as they did when they were first installed. Call Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning today to find out what we can do to correct your problem!