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Home Heating Oil

Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning and Compass Energy

Compass Energy LogoWe bet you didn’t know that we were sister companies, but now you do! Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning and Compass Energy is your dependable source that you’ve been looking for. We strive to ensure that the highest quality standards of our customers are met, making us your dependable heating and cooling companies.

A Little Something About Our Sister Company, Compass Energy

They provide the best oil to ensure that your home is at the temperature that you love. They can provide you with premium home heating oil 24/7. We specialize in giving you the best value by offering quality home heating oil at prices below the competition, just for you.

What’s Normal and What Isn’t Normal

When oil is first delivered, you may smell some of it in the air. However, if you still smell oil after a while after it’s been delivered or suspect a leak, here’s what to do.

  1. Put out all smoking materials, open flames, or sources of a spark.
  2. Shut off your furnace or boiler. You can do this by using the red oil burner shut–off switch typically located at the top of the stairs or on your unit.
  3. Call either Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning or the Fire Department.
  4. Make sure to keep the furnace or boiler off until the leak has been found and repaired.

Note: For safety reasons, please only allow a qualified service technician to work on your oil system.

What If My Heat Went Out?

We strongly recommend for safety reasons that you call Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning. We will dispatch a technician to relight your pilot.

  1. Check the red switch at the top of your stairs.
  2. Check the guage on your oil tank.
  3. Is your thermostat in heat mode?

Check the red switch at the top of your stairs

Fun Facts!

Did you know that home heating oil is better for anyone with allergies?

Oil users are using #2 home heating oil. This oil is very refined which means that this product burns at about 400 degrees hotter than natural gas. It also heats faster and maintains your desired temperature much better. So because oil burns so hot, your system consume less fuel.

Safety for your family. Everyone wants to ensure that their family and home is safe. Some may get nervous deciding which product to heat their home with and we can tell you that home heating oil is the way to go. Oil is very safe because it does not explode in its liquid form. In fact, oil is actually the only product used that has caused the least fatalities when it comes to heating your home.