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Why Heat My Home with a Boiler?

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As we discussed last month, there are definite benefits to heating your home with a furnace . How you decide to heat your home, however, is a personal choice dependent on your family’s needs. Furnaces are typically less costly than their boiler counterparts, given that you can use existing ductwork to hook it up.

Furnaces may not be the best choice some families, though, because they can create a drafty environment, which could also spread dust and other allergens throughout your home. Boilers, on the other hand, use hot water to distribute heat throughout your home, with good temperature consistency. Aside from this, what are some good reasons to heat your home with a boiler?


While furnaces typically cost less to maintain and repair than boilers, boilers are generally less costly to run month-to-month. This saves you on the cost of heating your home.


Boilers have the ability to heat your living space evenly, with no cold spots like a furnace might create. Not only that but a zone control system can be installed, allowing you to heat one part of your home while avoiding wasting energy on an uninhabited part of the home. Additionally, boilers heat your home without producing any noise or drafty breeze.


Boilers don’t rely on blown air. This means that any contaminants or allergens that are in your home will stay put without the threat of the furnace’s forced air spreading it throughout the home. This results in better indoor air quality, and a cleaner living environment.

Whichever type of heating system you choose for your home, we can assist you with installation, replacement, repairs, and maintenance. We offer quality heating systems and services throughout Farmington, CT and surrounding areas.

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