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Why Stick with a Tank Water Heater?

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There are some people out there in every industry who are constantly going to try and sell you upgrades, more expensive equipment, warranties that amount to very little, and so on. We certainly want to make sure that you have the best equipment for your personal needs and that you enjoy the best performance that that equipment has to offer, but the decision about what types of appliances you use in your home is ultimately up to you as the homeowner.

You may have heard about tankless water heaters, and the many benefits that they have to offer. We agree with much of what you probably know. These systems last a long time, they're very efficient, they save space, etc. However, they are not the replacement for tank water heaters. They are an alternative to tank water heaters. There is no single water heater that is going to fit everyone's needs, and that is why it is so important to consider all available options.

Tank Water Heaters Are Still Great Systems!

If you encounter anyone who is telling you that tank water heaters are obsolete, can't keep up with newer technologies, are too inefficient, or anything of the sort, we suggest that you look for help somewhere else. There are a lot of pros to tankless water heaters, but they also have their cons: just like tank water heaters. Choosing the right water heater means doing your research and deciding which system is right for your particular needs. So why stick with a tank water heater? Here are some tips from our plumbers in West Hartford, CT.

  1. Tank water heaters cost less upfront. Now, it is true that even the most efficient tank water heaters are going to experience some level of standby energy loss, wherein heat from the water stored in the tank will transfer out into the air surrounding that tank. Tankless systems don't have tanks, so they don't have this problem. They are also much more expensive than tank models, so if you're on a limited budget but definitely need a new water heater soon, then going with a tank model may make the most sense.
  2. Tank water heaters are more reliable in certain situations. Tankless water heaters may not run out of hot water, the way that a tank water heater can should it be completely drained of its heated reservoir. However, if you have a busy household with back-to-back showers happening while the dishwasher or washing machine is also running frequently, a tankless water heater may be more easily overwhelmed than a properly sized tank model.
  3. Tank water heaters are still efficient. When you invest in a system properly sized for your needs, and you invest in a system with a good efficiency rating, you are going to get an efficient performance. You can even add additional insulation to the exterior tank, if you're so inclined. Will a tankless water heater match up to the energy savings that you'd enjoy over time if you switched to tankless? Maybe not. But don't let people tell you that you're going to be throwing your money out the window, either!

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