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What Is Hybrid Heating?

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If you are in the market for a new heating system, you really need to act promptly. It's already getting pretty chilly, and it definitely won't be long before your heater is running pretty much around the clock. That being said, you also should not rush into replacing your heating system or choosing a new one for a new home. There are many options to consider, as you've likely come to realize. Hybrid heating in Farmington, CT definitely deserves some attention.

What Is Hybrid Heating?

Just as hybrid cars use both electricity and gasoline in their operation, so too does a hybrid heating system use two different fuel options. Basically, a hybrid heating system combines both a heat pump and a gas furnace into a heating system. The heat pump uses a little electricity in order to heat your home, whereas the gas furnace obviously uses natural gas. This is why such systems are also called "dual-fuel" systems. More important than the fuels in question, though, is the way in which a hybrid heating system works.

How It Works

Heat pumps are renowned for their outstanding efficiency when heating homes. This is because they do not consume fuel in order to generate heat, but instead transfer existing heat from the outdoors into one's home. Only a small amount of electricity is used in the process. Because heat pumps may struggle in extremely cold temperatures, the gas furnace is there as a backup.

It is not the primary heating system, but will automatically come on and help to heat your home when the heat pump is overwhelmed. The heat pump will take over again when able to. This type of system allows homeowners to walk the line between exceptional efficiency and great reliability. Plus, the heat pump can cool your home all summer! Remember to schedule your hybrid heating services with a member of our team.

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