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Reasons You May Want to Go with an Electric Furnace

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The furnace type that you find most often in homes is the natural gas-powered furnace. They are popular for some excellent reasons: high efficiency combined with the more economical price of natural gas; powerful heating ability; and reliability.

By comparison, the electrical-powered furnace often seems like the inferior option. But this isn’t actually the case; there are many situations where an electric furnace makes more sense than a gas-powered one. Let’s take a look at reasons why electric might be your best pick for a furnace in Hartford, CT.

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A few reasons to install an electric furnace:

  • Availability of fuel: Gas furnaces need to have a natural gas line connection to a municipal supply. Although it’s possible to have a new gas line installed that runs from the local supply to your home (if there even is one), it can be expensive. A electric furnace, however, can work in any home.
  • Longevity: Gas furnaces may have powerful heating, but they also do not last as long as electric furnaces because of the long-term effects of combustion gas on their components. On average, and electric furnace will last 5 years beyond a comparable gas furnace.
  • Safety: Today’s gas furnaces are built with safety uppermost, but they still can pose risks from carbon monoxide leaks and explosions. An electric furnace doesn’t use gas and has few safety issues to worry about.

Something to keep in mind about the gas furnace “advantages”

Although electric furnaces won’t function during a power outage, please keep in mind that neither will gas furnaces because they rely today on electronic ignition and blower motors. So gas furnaces have no advantages over electric ones in this area.

Professionals will help you choose

Avoid making a snap decision about whether you will install a gas or an electric furnace. This is where you will need trained installers to assess your home’s heat load and take account of your budget needs in order to select and size the right furnace for you.

When you need a new furnace in Hartford, CT, contact Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning and our dependable and trained staff. We can help you with all of your residential heating needs, including furnace and heating repairs in Hartford, CT.

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