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Make Your Home More Efficient with a Heat Recovery Ventilator

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Sacrificing your own comfort or that of your family is not something that you should have to do just to keep your heating and cooling costs down. Living in Connecticut means that you are able to enjoy all four seasons of the year, every year. However, those seasons, particularly winter and summer, are a lot more difficult to fully enjoy if you cannot afford to heat and cool your home to your hearts content. There are a number of issues which can impact your comfort, and the quality of the air within your home is one of the big ones. The problem is, you may hesitate to sufficiently ventilate your home, as doing so can drag down efficiency levels. By using a heat recovery ventilator in Glastonbury, CT, though, you get the best of both worlds. Call Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule service.

What is a Heat Recovery Ventilator?

A heat recovery ventilator, or an HRV, is a device that integrates directly into your HVAC system. It basically facilitates the exchange of fresh outdoor air with the stale air in one's home. While you may not want to throw open your windows when running your heater or AC, the HRV is able to minimize the risk of energy loss while ventilating your home. By passing the incoming and outgoing air streams in very close proximity to one another, the HRV will transfer heat between the two streams as needed. In the summer, outgoing cool air cools down the fresh, hot air entering the system. In the winter, the air leaving your home pre-warms the cold, fresh air coming in.

Benefits of Using an HRV

Adequate ventilation is a must if you are to protect indoor air quality and live comfortably. In modern homes, though, which place a focus on efficiency, this component is too often overlooked. Using an HRV allows for sufficient ventilation without putting energy efficiency on the chopping block. It can also cut down on strain to your HVAC system, further protecting its condition and your budget in the process.

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