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Is My Heater Still Worth Repairing?

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All heating systems have finite lifespans, and you should know what the average lifespan of your particular heating system is. When your heater starts to break down on you again, you may automatically assume that having that system repaired is the way to go. What you may fail to realize, is the fact that a heater thatĀ can be repaired is not necessarily worth repairing.

So how can decide if your heater is actually worth repairing, or if the time for a heating replacement in West Hartford, CT has come? The first step is to work with professional heating technicians that you can trust. We'll make sure that you have the information that you need, and you won't have to worry about us trying to trick you into purchasing equipment that you don't.

Generally speaking, we advise against most ongoing repairs for systems that are over 10 years old. Now, you'll notice that most heating systems have average lifespans that exceed 1o years. Why would you replace a system entirely a few years before its expected lifespan is met, then?

Well, thereĀ are instances in which repairs may be justified. If you just have a broken fan belt or need a faulty thermocouple replaced, then yes, repairs are worth considering. Once most systems hit the 10-year mark, though, repairs tend to be of a more serious nature. With these types of repairs come higher repair costs, and often they are not worth the money that you'll save by opting for repairs over replacement.

Even those systems that can be repaired, for instance, are very likely to have relatively low-efficiency ratings when compared to newer systems. When you combine that with the reduced efficiency that is the result of 10 years of service, it is clear that replacing the system can save you money in the long run. Plus, if you are looking at substantial repairs with a 10+-year-old system, it is highly unlikely that you won't encounter further problems shortly down the line.

Ultimately, the decision to repair or replace your aging heating system is entirely up to you. If you are looking for honest advice about what the best course of action is for your heating dilemma, though, ours is definitely the number to call.

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