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Is My Gas Line Leaking?

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Natural gas certainly ranks among the most popular of all fuels used in homes. Natural gas stoves and ranges, water heaters, furnaces, boilers and even clothes dryers are all very prevalent in the residential sector. The popularity of natural gas is certainly not difficult to understand, either. Natural gas is quite affordable, and is rather clean-burning for a fossil fuel. The fact that it is piped directly to one's home also makes it very convenient and reliable. You'll never have to worry about running out of natural gas, storing it on your property, or forgetting to schedule a delivery. However, this fuel does require hookups and piping, and any problems with your natural gas line must be taken incredibly seriously. That is why it so important that you learn to tell if your gas line in Plainville, CT is leaking.

The Rotten Egg Odor

Natural gas, surprisingly to some, does not stink naturally. In fact, in its natural state, natural gas does not even have an odor that you'd be able to detect. However, an odor is added to natural gas, and it is a pungent one that you'll know when you smell it. Some call it sulfurous, while others just call it the stench of rotten eggs. In either event, this odor is added to natural gas in order to help you to use it safely in your home. If you smell this odor, contact the appropriate authorities or utilities immediately, and vacate the house.

Dead or Yellowing Vegetation

You may not have the greenest of thumbs, but that doesn't mean that the grass or shrubbery in one specific area of your property should be yellowing or dying off. If it is, and that vegetation happens to be above your natural gas line, it could be a telling sign of a leak. Natural gas could actually be poisoning that vegetation.

Blowing Dirt

Dirt blowing up from the ground on your property may be an odd sight to behold, but it may also have a clear cause. Yes, it may be the pressure of a natural gas leak that is blowing that dirt up. If you behold this phenomenon on your property, contact us immediately.

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