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How Duct Repair Benefits Your Heating and Cooling

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You don't see most of the ductwork in your home, since it hides between walls and in the floors and ceilings, and you won't know how well-sealed it is to prevent the leaking of air that can cause a huge drop in air pressure. This integrity of your ducts is vital for the performance of your air conditioning system and forced air heater.

Should your ducts require repairs due to breeches, loose connections, holes from corrosion, or other issues, you need to have the professional work done as soon as possible before it begins to affect your heating and cooling. This job requires specialists in indoor air quality services, like the team at Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning, to perform. You can’t rely on duct tape (which isn’t really for ducts, anyway) or on amateurs without training. Make sure you rely on professionals for duct repair service in West Hartford, CT.

How Duct Repair Helps Your AC and Heater

The reason that maintaining an airtight seal along the length of your ductwork is so vital is that a drop in air pressure will lead to a loss in heating and cooling. As the air comes out slower from the vents, the comfort level you expect will begin to plunge.

This will also have a negative effect on the heating or cooling system itself: it will need to work harder to attempt to compensate for the temperature change. The additional strain will cause the system to wear out faster, leading to more repair work and possibly an early replacement. And more strain always means higher utility bills for you. With proper ductwork repairs, your AC or heater won't need to work harder than it should.

Duct repairs also prevent contamination from entering the ductwork: dust, dirt, construction debris, and other particles. This contamination will create resistance to airflow along the ducts, which will also force the AC or heater to overwork. Worse, the pollutants could enter the cabinet of the system and cause damage, like clogging up the motors. So not only will you end up with lower-quality air, but you may have a broken air conditioner or heater.

Duct repairs can range from small jobs like sealing holes with mastic, or extensive projects like replacing broken sections of a ventilation system. But whatever work you need done in West Hartford, CT to help improve your indoor air quality, the duct repair experts at Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning can take care of it—done fast and done right.

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