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Furnace FAQ: What's That Smell?

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Now that we are just about into November, your heating system is going to be running with some regularity. In order to ensure that your home heating system functions as effectively and reliably as possible -- not to mention safely -- you need to have any problems with it resolved promptly. One common indicator that something is wrong with a furnace is a strange odor coming from the system.

Don't ignore strange odors coming from your furnace in New Britain, CT. They can tip you off to serious problems in development. Read on, and contact us the moment that you suspect the need for heating repairs.

  • General burning odors. When you fire up your furnace and run it for the first time this year, you may notice that it smells of burning. It is very likely that this is the result of dust and other pollutants that have settled on the burners in the system burning off. If the problem persists further into use, though, you need to have a professional evaluate the situation.
  • Burning plastic odors. If you smell burning plastic when you run your furnace, then you should not wait to see if the smell goes away on its own. It is possibly the result of wiring overheating in the system. The plastic casing on the wiring can start to melt if the wires get too hot. This can be a fire hazard, so please dial our number if you smell this type of odor in your home.
  • Sulfur/gas odors. Natural gas, like carbon monoxide, is odorless in its natural state. Unlike carbon monoxide, though, natural gas is not a byproduct of combustion. It is a fuel piped into your home, which means that the utility is able to inject it with a harmless chemical. This gives it its rotten egg odor, which can alert you to the dangers of a gas leak in your home.

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