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Consider Geothermal for Your New Heating Installation

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If you need a new heating system, this time of year offers you the perfect window for a new heating installation in Hartford, CT. There are a lot of choices available to homeowners, and one system you may want to consider is a geothermal system. Geothermal systems offer some benefits other systems cannot, including the ability to both heat and cool your home. The installation of a geothermal system has to be handled with a specific level of knowledge and expertise, so it’s important to hire trained professionals, like the ones at Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning.

How Does a Geothermal System Work?

A geothermal system harnesses the natural thermal temperature of the Earth below the frost line to both heat and cool your home. Many people don’t know this, but below the frost line, the ground stays a steady temperature year-round, no matter the location; this temperature is between 55-61 degrees. During the winter, the liquid in the ground loop absorbs the heat of the ground and transfers it to the heat exchanger in the indoor heat pump, where heat is then transferred into your home. During the summer, heat is removed from your home and “sunk” back into the ground surrounding the ground loop. The reversing valve on the heat pump allows the system to both heat and cool.

What Are the Components of a Geothermal System?

There are three main components to a geothermal system: the ground loop, the heat pump (usually indoors) and the air delivery system (either ductwork or indoor blowers).

What Are the Benefits of a Geothermal System?

There are several great benefits of a geothermal system worth considering:

  • Extremely energy efficient – geothermal systems are very energy efficient. According to, a geothermal system reaches efficiency levels of 300-400% on the coldest winter nights.

  • Very green – geothermal systems do not use any fossil fuels at all, and the heat pump uses a fraction of the electricity of a traditional HVAC system.

  • Very even heating and cooling – geothermal systems provide a continuous, low-energy supply of air, which helps keep the heating or cooling distribution in your home even.

  • Good humidity control – as with above, the lower cycling of a geothermal system keeps humidity levels in your home well-balanced.

  • Long lifespan – the average lifespan of a geothermal ground loop is 25-50 years, and the lifespan of the heat pump is 20-25 years.

A geothermal system can provide incredible energy efficiency, heat and cooling, and comfort for your home for years to come. If you are considering a geothermal system for your new heating installation in Hartford, CT call Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning today and schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

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