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Why Is My Heater Blowing Cool Air?

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Nobody wants to run into problems requiring professional heating repair in Hartford, CT, but hey -- we don't always get what we want. While investing in a good heater from a trusted manufacturer will certainly help to keep your heater repair needs to a minimum, fact is that no heating system can ever be 100% reliable. Eventually, you are going to need heating repairs, and it is always going to be in your best interest to schedule these services before your heater breaks down on you entirely.


Doing so, obviously, means that you need to be able to recognize the signs of trouble in the first place. That's what we're here to help you with today. Now, some signs of trouble are going to be very subtle. Others, not so much. Then, there are problems that cannot be ignored, let alone overlooked. A heater that is blowing cool air falls into this latter category. Be sure to contact us right away if your heater is blowing lukewarm or downright cool air from its vents.

Check the Thermostat/Settings

There is some good news if you notice that your heater is blowing cool air. It may be something as simple fixing the settings on your thermostat, which obviously will not require professional intervention of any kind. Do you have the thermostat set to "fan-only" mode? Is the fan set to "on" rather than "auto"? In the first case, the heater is not running -- just the fan. That means that it is blowing unconditioned air throughout the house. In the latter, the furnace will run, but only as needed. The fan, on the other hand, is always on. Changing it to "auto" means that the fan will only run when the heater is also running. If you use a heat pump, make sure that the settings are actually set to the heating mode.

You Could Have Duct Leaks

Forced air heating systems use air ducts in order to distribute heated air throughout the house. Now, when functioning properly, this is a very effective way to heat a home promptly. However, the issue is that air ducts can also leak. Because they are largely hidden from view, many homeowners fail to notice that their ductwork is damaged. If you have leaks in your ductwork, then the system may be pulling in cold air from unconditioned areas in the house. When that happens, cool air is likely to be distributed throughout the living space. You will need your air ducts sealed or repaired to resolve this problem.

Maintenance Issues

Is the air filter in your furnace so dirty that it is restricting airflow to the point that the furnace overheats and cycles down, leaving it to blow cool air and then no air at all? Is the burner or heating element in the furnace very dirty? If you run into issues with a furnace that is failing to function properly in any way, it could be the result of subpar maintenance practices. Remember, routine maintenance keeps your heater functioning effective and safely.

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