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It's Just About Time to Get Your AC Ready for Summer

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AC-being-tuned-upOkay, so it's not even close to hitting summertime temperatures yet. At least it seems that we may have seen the last snowfall of the year recently. That being said, it is officially spring, even if the weather outside doesn't want to admit it. That means looking forward to the summer season, and the promise of warm, sunny days after a fairly punishing winter season. Those warm, sunny days meaning that you'll be turning to your air conditioner before too much loner, so it is time to start thinking about getting your system ready for action.

Over the course of the next few weeks, you can start to get the ball rolling yourself. Shovel any accumulated snow off the top of your outdoor unit, and do your best to clear an area around the system. Remove any coverings that you may have put over the unit. Then, pick up the phone and contact a member of our team to schedule professional air conditioning maintenance in New Britain, CT.

Why Should I Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance Every Year?

Well, you don't have to schedule AC maintenance annually -- as long as you are fine with the idea of a shortened system lifespan, regular operational problems, and high energy costs. We're assuming that this is not the type of cooling experience that you really want to tangle with, though, so the simplest answer to the question above is: to get the best that your air conditioner has to offer.

  • Reduced energy costs. It does not matter if your air conditioner has a relatively low efficiency rating, or if it is a new, top of the line high-efficiency model. You should get the most efficient performance possible from whatever particular system you may be using. That will not be the case if you fail to have your system tuned up regularly. By addressing the wear and tear of the previous season and ensuring that everything is working properly, our technicians help you to cut down on your AC's energy consumption and your energy costs.
  • Improved Reliability. Let's say that last year you were training for a marathon. You let your dedication to training slip,  though, and subsequently you've not run at all in a few months. Would you feel confident in your ability to go out and run a marathon in the next few days? If so, then you are probably overestimating your preparedness. More than likely, you'd not only fail to finish the race, but you'd wind up with an injury to boot. If you just keep throwing your AC into the cooling season unprepared, it will most likely suffer a similar fate.
  • Great lifespan. Investing in a whole-house cooling system should leave you enjoying a great return on that investment for years to come. No amount of AC maintenance is going to make your air conditioner last forever. All mechanical systems are working within the constraints of a finite lifespan. With diligent, routine air conditioning maintenance, though, you can help to keep your system successfully for as long as possible.

Live more comfortably, choose Dynamic Mechanical. Contact us to ask about our maintenance services and our Residential Loyalty Program.

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