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Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

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You're walking around in your home, pass by the indoor AC unit, and suddenly realize that you're standing in a puddle of water. That's weird, you think, I didn't realize that my air conditioner has water connection. Who do I call -- a plumber or an AC technician? Well, when you dial our number you can have both, but that's not exactly the point of this little anecdote. The point is that your air conditioner does not have a water connection. So where is the water coming from?

It may well be coming from your air conditioner, we're not suggesting that you're seeing things. However, it is not going to be a "leak" the way you are likely thinking of one. As is the case with just about any problem that your air conditioning system may encounter, there are multiple reasons as to why your AC may spring a leak. Some are pretty benign, while others could spell serious trouble for your air conditioner in West Hartford, CT.

Is Your System Draining Properly?

If your air conditioner does not have a water hookup, then why does it have to a drainage system? Because your air conditioner dehumidifies the air somewhat as it cools it down. That means that the condensation pulled out of the air needs somewhere to go. When the system evaporates refrigerant in the evaporator coil, condensation from the air will collect on the coil itself. That condensation drips down -- when everything is working properly -- into the condensate drain pan. It then travels through the condensate drain line to be drained out of your home.

Should the drain pan be corroded or misaligned, or if the drain line is backed up due to debris or algae growth, the water can spill out around the system. Simply adjusting/replacing the drain pan and/or cleaning out the drain line should solve the problem. Don't let the water pooling around your system just sit there, as it can lead to serious property damage and even the promotion of biological pollutant growth.

Is Your Coil Freezing?

Your air conditioner should cool down your home, but it should not be generating ice. It's not a freezer or an icemaker, and ice on the coil means that you have a problem of some kind. The question is just how serious this problem is. If your coil is icing over and that melting ice is pooling around your air conditioner, you could just have a very dirty air filter in place. This cuts down on airflow through the system, and the coil may not be able to absorb a sufficient amount of heat. That means the condensation on the coil may freeze.

However, you could have a much more serious issue on your hands: a refrigerant leak. Your system is designed to work with a precise amount of refrigerant. This fluid is not consumed, but rather recycled over and over. Any loss of refrigerant indicates a leak. Not only can that lead to the icing of the coil, potentially allowing ice melt to overwhelm the drainage assembly, but it can also cause serious damages to your system if given the chance.

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