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Why Choose a SpacePak System?

Delivering Quality Comfort to the Homes and Businesses of Hartford County and New Haven County

All homes have unique characteristics. Because there are so many old and historic homes in our area, those characteristics may make installing modern HVAC systems in a property quite challenging. In some cases, a certain amount of renovation must be completed to accommodate the installation of standard whole-house heating and cooling systems. This is one of the major reasons why you may want to invest in a high-velocity system in West Hartford, CT.

High velocity systems offer whole-house comfort in a unique package. When it comes to high velocity HVAC systems, SpacePak is at the front of the pack. We are happy to service and install SpacePak systems throughout the area. Consider the benefits of using such a system in your home, and be sure to schedule service with us if you decide that this is the right comfort solution for your property.

How Does a SpacePak System Work?

High velocity HVAC systems are designed to circulate air in a home far more effectively than the standard forced air heating or cooling system does. Actively circulating the air in this manner allows for the use of ductwork that is much smaller than what you'd see in a standard forced air HVAC system. In fact, the ductwork used with a SpacePack system is actually just small, flexible tubing. This type of operation has many benefits ot offer homeowners.

  • Eliminate¬†energy loss. When you use standard sheet metal air ducts, there is always a risk that you will experience inefficiency due to leaks in those ducts. With a SpacePak system, however, the seamless tubing eliminates this risk.
  • Eliminate hot and cold spots. With a standard ducted HVAC system, even heating is no guarantee. They tend to just drop conditioned air into a room. That can lead to hot and cold spots throughout the house. A high-velocity system keeps the air circulating, helping you make your home a more comfortable place to live.
  • Remove more humidity. Do you have issues with high humidity levels in your home? As you know, the air conditioning process dehumidifies the air somewhat. Because the highly efficient high-velocity system runs more evenly and consistently, though, you can remove up to 30% more humidity than you would with a traditional central AC.
  • Installation options. Is your home so old that it cannot accommodate duct installation? Do you have an open floor plan, or radiant heating already installed in the house? Do you just want to avoid the hassle of having ducts installed in an existing space? Then SpacePak is the system for you!
  • Heating and cooling options. SpacePak is ideal for homes that already have radiant heating installed, as there is no shared ductwork available. SpacePak also offers its own heating solutions that can help you to heat your home with your SpacePack system. WaterPak hydronic coils, the ElectriPak electronic heat modules, AirCell small duct hydronic fan coils, and electric duct heaters are all options to consider.

Contact us today to learn more about our SpacePak offerings. Live more comfortably, choose Dynamic Mechanical.

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