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Plumbing Emergencies: Leaking Toilet Edition

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Plumbing Emergencies: Leaking Toilet Edition

toiletWhat springs to the front of your mind when you hear the word "plumbing"? For a lot of people, the obvious answer is the bathroom. For many others, the toilet specifically is the first thing that they think of. There is no denying that the toilet in your bathroom plays a huge -- and a hugely important -- role in your day to day life. If you are serious about protecting your comfort, convenience, and hygiene in your home, then you need to have any problems with your toilet resolved as soon as possible.

The West Hartford, CT bathroom plumbing professionals on our team are the ones to call when you run into trouble of any kind with your toilet. We get a lot of calls about clogged toilets or toilets that just won't stop running. Sometimes, though, we get calls of a more urgent variety -- those concerning toilets that are actively leaking. Here are few tips to help you get through such a stressful situation.

First Things First: Is It a Leak?

Look, we really value our customers and we enjoy seeing them when we knock at the door. We also understand that you are not hiring our plumbers and technicians just for the company, though. Much as we love your business, we want to make sure that you are only contacting us to come to your home when there is actually the need for our services. Otherwise, we'd feel bad about wasting your time!

Many times, homeowners jump to conclusions when they see water on the floor around the toilet. There are, in fact, a few reasons why you may see this. Someone may have stepped out of the shower while they were still dripping wet, for instance, or perhaps you have a high humidity point in your home. That could lead to condensation dripping off of your toilet tank and onto the ground. If you do rule out any such obvious issues, though, the next step is to contact us right away.

Not All Leaks Are Terribly Serious

Okay, so you've come to accept that there is a leak. The next question is what type of leak you are dealing with. Generally speaking, plumbing services should really only be handled by professional plumbers. Not all issues do require professional intervention, though.

One item to check is the water supply line. The connection at this point may have come loose. Corroded bolts at the junction of the tank and the bowl may also be the cause, or they may just need to be tightened. Do you hear your toilet running and suspect that it is leaking into the bowl? Check to ensure that the flapper at the bottom of the tank is properly aligned. Simply readjusting it may resolve the problem.

Of course, there are also those issues that demand the skill and expertise that only professional plumbers can offer. If the tank itself is leaking, for instance, a full replacement will be necessary. This is not a job that you'll want to attempt on your own.

Have you pinpointed the source of the leak to the base of the toilet? You may need a new rubber seal put in, which will necessitate the removal and re-installation of the toilet. This too is a job for a pro.

When you are after great plumbing services, we are the company to call. Live more comfortably, choose Dynamic Mechanical.

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August 07, 2017 | Categories: Plumbing Service

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