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Is an Oil to Gas Conversion Worthwhile?

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Yes, we certainly think so. For a long time, heating oil was really the way to go when it came to keeping one's home comfortable throughout the coldest time of the year. Things change, though, and this is as true in the heating industry as it is in any other facet of life. That is why we recommend that you seriously consider an oil to gas conversion in New Britain, CT.

There are a number of benefits that you can enjoy when you switch over to the use of natural gas from heating oil. Just remember that having the job done right every step of the way is an absolute necessity. That is why you should work with the heating professionals on our staff. We'll help you to use natural gas safely and reliably in your home.

Natural gas is a great resource, and it can play a number of roles in your home. In addition to fueling your boiler or furnace, you can also pipe natural gas to your oven/range for cooking, your water heater for heating water, and even your clothes dryer for drying your laundry. This versatility is just one reason to consider the use of natural gas.

Another is the fact that natural gas is just affordable. Heating oil comes with a higher price tag than natural gas does, and in this day and age, when affordability is something to hold near and dear, that drives many customers away from its use. Of course, convenience is another factor to consider.

Natural gas is piped directly to your home. It does not need to be stored, nor does it need to be physically delivered to your property. Oil does, though. If you don't want to store oil on your property, or deal with scheduling deliveries, then natural gas is the way to go. Sure, automatic deliveries limit the risk of running out of oil when you need it, but natural gas is a sure thing. It also burns more cleanly than oil does.

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