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Can I Schedule Annual Heating Maintenance in the Spring?

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We still have plenty of cold days and even chillier nights left this winter in Southington, CT. Hopefully you haven’t had any problems with your heating system this season. However, an absence of problems does not mean you should skip your annual heating system maintenance. If you didn’t schedule a maintenance appointment last fall, you may be wondering if spring is too late to do so.

There is no way to predict how soon your heating system will have a problem requiring professional repairs. Therefore, it’s best to take the “better late than never” approach and go ahead and schedule your maintenance appointment this spring. Don’t skip a whole year and wait until next fall. Below are some benefits of regular, timely maintenance.

Prevent Frequent, Costly Repairs

One of the main benefits of heating maintenance is that it allows your technician to spot issues before they become larger problems. Taking care of smaller repairs that are recommended during your maintenance appointment right away is essential to avoiding costlier issues down the road, plus it could actually reduce the number of repairs your system needs in the long run.

Keep Safety a Priority

This is particularly relevant if you use a gas furnace or radiant heating system for your home’s comfort. Albeit rare, gas leaks do occur. The average homeowner doesn’t know where or how to spot gas leaks, whereas a technician is specially trained to look for potentially troubling signs.

Reduce Heating Costs

According to, an improperly functioning gas or oil connection, a dirty burner, or a cracked heat exchanger could all cause your heating system to operate less efficiently. In addition to being less efficient, your heating system could become a hazard to your home and your family. These issues can all be spotted during a regular heating maintenance appointment.

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