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Why Do Boilers Tend to Last Longer Than Other Heating Systems?

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Why Do Boilers Tend to Last Longer Than Other Heating Systems?

Boilers have a reputation for being among the most sturdy and long-lived heating systems on the market. They have this reputation for good reason. The average boiler can last beyond 30 years, compared to the 10-20 years that most heating systems live. So what exactly causes this extreme longevity in boilers? Read on to find out.


The rule of thumb with mechanical systems is that the more complex a system is, the more likely it is to break down. This can be noted in many areas, but it holds true for heating as well. Furnaces and heat pumps have a lot of moving parts, each of which makes it possible for the whole system to do its job properly. Some of these parts, like a furnace’s air handler motor, are places under an immense amount of strain during standard operation. These parts are designed to handle the stress, which is why they can last 10-20 years. However, the increased strain will eventually cause all of those complex moving parts to break down.

Boilers, by contrast, actually have astonishingly few moving parts. The only real moving part in a boiler system is the circulator pump, responsible for actually moving the hot water through the system. Even that pump is placed under considerably less stress than a furnace air handler, allowing it to last much longer. This lack of complexity is what is primarily responsible for a boiler’s longevity.

Resistance to Wear

The other factor that helps to make a boiler last so long is the system’s remarkable resistance to wear and tear. This is partially linked to the first point, as more complex systems accumulate more wear and tear than simple systems are. Mostly, though, the only thing that a boiler has to worry about is mineral deposit buildups from hard water exposure. The boiler itself is constructed to be especially resistant to rust, which is the biggest danger in a system that handles water.

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January 21, 2015 | Categories: Heating Service

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