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Common Misunderstandings about Boilers

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Boilers have a number of common misunderstandings circulating about them. Most of these are due to the fact that boilers operate so differently from furnaces, which are more familiar to homeowners. Below we’ll examine some of the common myths and misconceptions commonly applied to boilers.

Myth: Old Boilers that Start “Kettling” May Explode

Kettling is what happens when too much water becomes trapped in the boiler, usually from mineral deposits blocking the lines out. This can lead to banging and gurgling sounds coming from the boiler when it is running. This usually happens with old boilers, as it takes time for the mineral deposits to build up in the chamber. While boilers do occasionally explode, this is an extremely rare occurrence that usually is the result of other factors. If your boiler is kettling, call a professional to fix it. You don’t need to live in fear of an exploding boiler, however.

Myth: Gas Burning Boilers are More Energy Efficient than other Kinds

Not really. The energy efficiency of most heating systems depends less on the fuel they burn and more on the internal operation of the actual unit. There are efficient wood and oil boilers, as well as extremely inefficient gas boilers. Now, you will have to store things like oil, wood, and propane to fuel your boiler. Natural gas can simply be piped in by the city. Don’t let that fool you into thinking that natural gas is always the best option, however.

Myth: Boilers are More Difficult to Install than Furnaces

Not true at all. Boilers require a different system to be installed, but are in no way more difficult to install than furnaces. This is especially true if you are installing a boiler system in a new house. Retrofitting will, of course, be more expensive than installing a unit for which the house is already equipped. This is true of all systems, however, and not just of boilers.

If you want to know more about boilers, or are thinking of having one installed, call Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning and schedule an appointment. We install boilers all over the Burlington, CT area.

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