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How Geothermal Heating Works

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When it came to heating in West Hartford, CT, you used to only have a few systems to choose from. Today, however, homeowners have numerous other options, including geothermal heating, which uses the ambient temperatures in the earth itself to warm your home. It’s a safe and extremely efficient means of providing cozy temperatures, though the initial installation cost can be rather high. Because of that, it helps to understand how geothermal heating works before making the investment.

Above ground, the weather changes from day to day, but just a few feet beneath the earth, the temperature remains constant (about 50 degrees Fahrenheit). Geothermal heating systems make use of that principle to facilitate a heat exchange. Tubes full of a mixture of water and antifreeze are run through the ground. In the winter, the fluid starts out cold, but as it passes through the ground, it absorbs come of the ambient heat. It then moves inside the home to your heat pump, which heats the air and circulates it throughout your home through the air ducts.

In the summer, the process is reversed, with the heat pump absorbing the heat from inside your home and dissipating into the ground via the tubes. Geothermal heat pumps are very efficient at both heating and cooling.

The process often requires a large amount of property to spread the coils, though they can be placed vertically to save space. It can also be expensive to install initially. The good news is that it rarely needs repairs since it contains few moving parts, and its efficiency ensures that you can save a great deal on monthly energy costs once it’s up and running. If that sounds like your solution to heating in West Hartford, call the experts at Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning to help. We can explain how geothermal heating works and install the system that’s right for you!

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