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Is It the Right Time to Schedule Heating Installation?

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We’re still enjoying warm summer temperatures here in Connecticut, and so it’s difficult to think about the temperature dropping down to the point where we will need to turn on our home heating systems. But that time is coming up fast and will arrive sooner than we think (those “Back to School” sales are already popping up everywhere). If you need to have a new heater installed for whole-house comfort, you should definitely start thinking about it now. There are some important decisions to make regarding a new heating system for your home, and if you want a head start, call up professional installers and get the process going while it’s still warm outside.

For the right assistance for heating installation in Farmington, CT, contact Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning. Our skilled technicians will help guide you through every step of installation, starting with picking and sizing the heater that will do the best job for you without wasting energy.

Early Stages of Heating Installation

The reason that it’s a wise idea to start heating installation during the late summer/early fall is that you can take the time to make the best choices possible with the help of professionals.

  • What type of heater should you install? There is a larger variety of heating systems than air conditioning systems, and they can different fuel sources. If you are replacing a system, you will probably first consider going with a similar type, although perhaps one with more features. However, you may wish to switch to a different type of heater. For example, if you’ve previously used an electric furnace, you might consider a heat pump (which will take care of air conditioning as well). If you have used a boiler, now might be the time to consider changing over to a comfortable and efficient radiant floor heating system.
  • How large a system should you install? “Sizing” is a key part of installing a central heater. A heating system must produce the right amount of BTUs of heat that will keep a house comfortable without causing the system to “short cycle” and shut on and off repeatedly, wasting energy and wearing down rapidly. To find out the ideal size of heating system for a home, installers must calculate the heating load necessary to provide comfort. A heat load calculation from trained experts will help them select the ideal sized heater for your needs.
  • Should you replace the thermostat(s)? If you’ve had your current heating system for more than a decade, the answer to this question is probably “yes.” You can have a new thermostat put in before you heating system’s installation, since the thermostat will control the cooling as well. This is a good early step to take care of during the summer if you are planning new heating installation for the fall.

Don’t get caught by surprise when the first chilly day of end of the year arrives and you don’t have an operational heater. Be prepared with timely heating installation in Farmington, CT from the professionals at Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning. Give us a call today to schedule your next appointment with us.

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