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How a Faulty Pilot Light Can Impact Your Home's Heating

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How a Faulty Pilot Light Can Impact Your Home's Heating

The pilot light is a staple of older furnace models, which used it to ignite the natural gas that makes heating your home possible. More modern furnaces use an electric ignition switch, but when it comes to heating, West Hartford CT homes have a wide variety of furnaces. That means that many still use a pilot light. When it runs into trouble, the heater in all likelihood won’t be able to function. Here’s how a faulty pilot light can impact your home’s heating.

The pilot light works in tandem with a thermocouple, which regulates the flow of gas into the furnace. When the pilot light turns on, the thermocouple detects the change in temperature and release the gas, which the pilot light ignites to start the heating process. It’s important that the two of them act in tandem; indeed, they are often part of a single component: linked together such that one cannot be in place without the other. This is primarily due to safety concerns. When the pilot light is faulty, the thermocouple won’t release any gas, which in turn keeps unlit gas from flooding your home.

That, however, won’t solve the more immediate problem: when the pilot light is faulty, your furnace simply won’t work. The gas won’t ignite, the air won’t get warm, and your home is left cold and uncomfortable until the furnace gets fixed. A faulty pilot light is more problematic than a pilot light that has simply gone out. In the latter case, you can likely just re-light it and be ready to go. If the problem is more serious than that, however, you’re going to need to call upon the services of a profession in order to treat the problem properly.

The good news is that help is nearby. In matters of heating, West Hartford CT residents can count on the professionals at Dynamic Mechanical to help. We know how a faulty pilot light can impact your home’s heating, and can repair or replace it before those winter temperatures turn your home into an icebox. Pick up the phone and call us to make an appointment today!

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