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Clean Rooms and Server Rooms in Farmington & New Haven Areas

In towns like Farmington and New Haven, CT, there’s a new kind of business emerging. Biotech and biopharmaceutical companies are among the fastest growing businesses in central Connecticut. That means older buildings are being retrofitted for clean rooms and other necessities required by this exciting field. If you’re setting up such a business, or your already have one operating, you need a professional service to provide exhaust fans, clean rooms, make-up air devices, and similar components to help your system run.

And that’s where we come in. At [(site_name]), our indoor air quality experts are trained in the specifics of biotech companies, and can provide the specialized components your business needs. Contact us today for a consultation!

Why So Much Effort?

Farmington and New Haven are old communities and our buildings here are equally old. But biotech firms are very new and have stringent requirements as far as cleanliness is concerned.. Clean rooms and the like provide the necessary sterility to conduct research and other important functions. And if the building is very old, it will need to be retrofitted before that business can take place.

We Install and Maintain Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are common in restaurants and other businesses that generate a lot of heat, but biotech and biopharmaceutical firms require them too. They are necessary to creating the sterile environment required, pumping out germs and dust that can cause problems. Our trained team is skilled at installing, repairing and replacing exhaust fans that meet the needs of biotech firms!

Make–Up Air Devices are Needed

The problem with exhaust fans and the like in this setting is that they can pull too much air out of the space, and if the space in question is hermetically sealed to prevent contamination, you need to replace the air on occasion lest it run out. Make–up air devices detect the change in pressure and other let signs, then pump fresh air into the space to make up for it. Call the team at Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning for professional installation and repair service.

Clean Rooms Require Expert Service

A clean room is just what it sounds like: a sterile environment which biotech firms and biopharmaceutical firms require to do their jobs. Setting up such a room, especially in a building not prepared for it, requires an expert in air circulation and exhaust. We provide specialized clean room services throughout Farmington and New Haven, so contact our team today!

Server Rooms Must Be Kept Clean as Well

Computer systems are often delicate, and require a sterile environment to prevent damage. Air conditioning needs to be stringent lest the computers overheat, and exhaust systems and air filters need to work overtime to keep the area clear of dirt. Whether you’re just setting up such a room, or whether you already have a server room and its components need repairs or replacement, our team has the right combination of skills to help you out. Call us today and let us know what we can do for you!